What The Heck Just Happened?

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So here we go again ladies and gentlemen…. another attempt by the Republican party and the Teabaggers to destroy everything we the people took so many years to build. Now they think for some reason their religion should come into play when it comes to human rights. Now if a so-called “closely held” Christian company decides that birth control isn’t right for you, they don’t have to include it in your benefits package. It absolutely blows my mind the lengths that some people will go to in order to get their way. Can you imagine how people would react if these were Muslim companies trying to put the same policies into place?

Over the past few years, the Supreme Court has given more rights to corporations than people with none of the responsibilities. This week five conservative Supreme Court Justices didn’t simply reaffirm the separation between church and state, they ruled that religion can supersede the law. This scares the hell out of me.

Does this mean corporations can stone their employees to death if they work on the Sabbath? Can businesses now chop the hands off shoplifters?

This Supreme Court seems to believe that life begins at incorporation, those corporations can have religious beliefs and their religious beliefs are more important than the rights of women.

Five men on the Supreme Court, who don’t appear to understand how contraceptives work, shouldn’t make health care decisions for women. We are witnessing patriarchy fueled by theocracy, not democracy.

Ladies and gentlemen let me state unequivocally that religion has absolutely no place in American government! What these people are attempting to do is force their religion upon you whether you are accepting of it or not! This my friends is just plain wrong! We as citizens of the United States of America have the absolute right to practice our chosen religion in any way we see fit. We do not, however have the right to force that religion upon others.

Just last week I was privileged to attended a gay pride picnic at a local Episcopal church. When I arrived, there were about half a dozen protesters in front of the church from another local church. You can imagine my confusion when I attend a function at one church who says it’s OK to be gay, and another church is right up front saying it’s not OK and we’re all going to hell for attending this function. Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen that these were both Christian churches. Not only did these people protest at the picnic, but the following Sunday morning they actually showed up at the other church where the picnic was held with a megaphone shouting into the church during the middle of the service! Parishioners had to call the police to have these people removed. And when they went outside the there was graffiti on the sidewalk. And this is just one example of what people do when they are so pissed off because they don’t get their way.

What’s going to happen next? Will different divisions of Christianity begin to blow up each other’s buildings? Will there be fighting in the streets of this country simply because we don’t believe the way our neighbor does? It is just absolutely puzzling to me why people can just get along. The United States of America is a very diverse nation. There are people of all colors, shapes and sizes, people of every ethnic background imaginable, people who observe just about every religion on the face of the earth. This nation will never prosper and we will never move forward until we learn to live in a harmonious fashion. You see, we can be who ever we want to be in this country. We have the freedom of being citizens of the United States of America. However, we do not have the right to force our beliefs on our fellow man. Our neighbors have the same rights that we do when it comes to religious freedom and political beliefs, and I believe that it is possible for us to individually exercise our beliefs without interfering with those of our neighbors.

Do yourself and America of flavor. Next time you’re out and you see someone who is different from you, make a concerted effort to get acquainted with that person. You might just be surprised at how good of an individual they are. Who knows? You may just make a new friend for life. Give it a try. It might just below your mind!


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