In Memory Of My Little Sister

Posted: October 26, 2015 in Uncategorized
I suppose I’ve always been a crotchety old cuss where some things are concerned, but today I find myself more angry,
1422363_700935266606920_1239961757_nmore bitter and more lost than ever….. My little sister Patricia Ann Auten Polk (We called her “Cissy”) has seen the sunset.
It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. She was the baby. The only girl. We were supposed to go first, particularly those of us already in failing health. How could this be? What kind of Supreme Being would allow for such a travesty? We may never know.
Just days before my eighth birthday in 1972, Mom brought this little baby home… At the time, I wasn’t sure if I liked this or not. I had always been her baby. As time progressed, she grew on us. She became a part of everyday life and we all wondered what we ever did before she came along.
We moved to a brand new house the next year and when she got old enough to play outside, they built a special fenced in area in our yard just for her to play. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. There was even a year in there somewhere where at Christmastime, they bought her a little432315_10200108306213367_1148248305_n Santa suit and everyone began to call her “Cissy Claus”. I have that picture somewhere. She never moved out of that house.
Next thing you know, along came high school. I was terrified for her. You see, I had already been there and knew what she might face. We as her brothers kept our eyes on her, being ever vigilant and her consummate protectors. She made it through just fine, graduating in 1991.
Ten years or so later, Cissy found love. I was skeptical. This guy kept coming around 11953180_975977622449183_8848544013649030226_nto visit her… I wasn’t too sure about him… I don’t think any of us were. We watched him like a hawk. Marriage soon followed. Never in my life had I seen anyone glow as brightly as she did that day. Travis jumped right in…. Head first. Never missed a beat. Every Christmas filled with cheer. Every Halloween filled with the sounds of children enjoying bobbing for apples and sacks full of candy. EvCissy Tentery holiday, our old home place was filled with enough food to feed a small army which is in direct proportion to the number of visitors who always made it a point to stop by. The ol’ boy turned out to be one of us….And he always will be. He wasn’t so bad after all.
Cissy always brought laughter and cheer to anything she was a part of. She seldom saw anything in life as negative. She’s what I’d like to refer to as Mom 2.0. The very glue that held our family together. An exact duplicate, and that’s just fine with us.
I don’t believe for a moment, Cissy would have us sit around and mourn her loss. She’d never want to be 5053_99944371506_6150769_nfussed over like that. I believe she would want us to celebrate her life for all that it was. I believe she would want us all to draw closer together as a family. That’s what her life was about. Family. Let us remember her for the special Holidays 047smiles she brought to the faces of each and every individual in this room today.
I challenge each of you to take up a cause in Cissy’s memory. Something that was near to her heart or
something dear to you. Honor her, for she took no honor for herself. Contribute your time or other resources to make someone else’s life better. Do it for Cissy, because she would have done it for you. We love you Cissy Auten Polk, and thanks for watching over us all.

945816_10202855646175149_627380847_n  AndyCissy


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