A Note To My New Grandson

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
Dearest Peyton:
My name is Andy Pagoota… I’m your Grandpa (or at least like your step-grandpa or something like that). Today is Wednesday, December 9, 2015 and I anxiously await your arrival. There are days when I don’t know how much time I have left and today is one of those days. With that being the case, I wanted to share some things with you. I’ve learned a lot in 51 years and I want to make sure the lessons I have learned are passed along to you, so here goes:
*There is at least some good in ALL people. There are many groups of people in this world, both religious and non-religions. There is good to some degree in every bunch, just as there is bad.
*Take the time to treat other people the way you’d like to be treated. You can’t expect to be treated with decency and respect unless you treat those around you the same way. Respect is something that is earned, not deserved. In order for others to be kind to you, you must be kind to them.
*YOU will answer for the decisions you make in your life. Whatever the situation you might be facing in your life, eventually you’ll have to explain to someone why you went the way that you did. It may be a parent, a grandparent, law enforcement or any number of other folks. Be sure you have a damn good reason for every move you decide to make in your life.
*It’s OK if you believe there is a God….and it’s OK if you believe there is not a God. This is one you’ll have to rely on your own heart to guide you on. There is good in everyone, whether they believe or not. If you choose to believe in a Superior Being, please don’t write off those who don’t. If you don’t believe, please don’t write off those who do. You’ll find something good in them all.
*Learn to cook!! It’s something I’ve done and let me tell you, It goes a long way in making you a better person. How? Those around you will flock to you because they have a reason….Damn good cooking! Those who you may not be close to but would like to be will drawn toward you. We come from a family of fat people and anything that tastes good is a drawing card. A love interest, for example will potentially jump on an opportunity to have a delicious intimate meal that is home cooked. Give it a shot and you’ll see.
*If you can’t be the poet, be the poem. If for some reason it isn’t your forte to set the bar for others, be the one who always does right by his fellow man. Be the example for others to live by. Be the man that other men look up to and want to be like. You’re not going to agree with everyone, but you CAN set an example for everyone, regardless of what they believe.
*Don’t Smoke!!! Smoking is fun. It makes you look cool in front of your friends. It enables you to “fit in”. It also causes lung cancer, which is what will take me from this world. It simply isn’t worth it! It all began with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), a lung disease which makes it difficult to breathe. If you smoke, at some point in your life you’ll end up depending on a nebulizer and/or supplemental oxygen just to live your everyday life. It’s a dependency and an expense that is easily avoided. I wish I had known that earlier in life.
*Remember, you’re unique….Just like everyone else. There’s something special about you! We don’t quite know what that is just yet, but it’s there. There’s something special about every person on the planet, but only YOU posess your individual, unique quality. There is something about YOU that makes you different from everyone else on earth. Find out what that quality is and expound on it.
Build your life the way you see fit, but keep those around you in mind when doing so. Take care of yourself. The simplest of things like brushing your teeth and combing your hair are far more important than you might think right now. Be aware of the little things you do in your life. Those little things might be huge to to someone who is looking to hire you or marry you. You never know. Be aware of your surroundings and be conscious of the impression you make on your fellow man. You never know how it may impact your life.
Please know that you are loved and valued as a human being before you ever arrive. Know that there are those who care what happens to you and who will do anything humanly possible to make your life better. Know that before anyone, you can call on family, because when everyone else has left you, your family will be there for you.
With more love than I’m capable of expressing:
PaPaw Andy

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