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Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Check this out. Dateline: York, South Carolina. An obviously retarded ammosexual gun nut totes his little toy into the local Walmart store, waltzes right into the bathroom in the back of the store to take a good old Carolina country crap, places his firearm on top of the toilet paper dispenser, does his business, and forgets to take his little play pretty with him when he leaves. You heard me right. He left it on top of the toilet paper dispenser for anyone to get their hands on!

S&W 38

And it’s this guy, and countless others just like him, who wonder why we want gun control in this country. Think about who could’ve gotten their hands on this weapon, when he left it there. It could’ve been your little boy, your grandson or some deranged lunatic who wanted to commit mass murder, but just didn’t have a gun. Thank goodness it was found by a customer who promptly reported it to management. Thank goodness that manager had the presence of mind the lock that bathroom door securing that firearm until police arrived.

Take a moment to stew on this. Do you really want someone that absent-minded carrying a loaded firearm into a retail store, only to leave it lying around for anyone to pick up? Chances are the person who did this had no business owning a firearm in the first place. Yet we have a massive number of raving lunatics in this country who think they should be able to carry their little toys anywhere they please, anytime they please with no questions asked. I’m sorry folks, but my kid’s right to live and breathe trumps your right to carry a gun into a public retail store, or anywhere public for that matter!

If you are so insecure and your testicles are so small that you think you just have to carry a gun, take just a moment to put yourself in the place of that mother or father, whose eight-year-old son got his hands on your little plaything and shot up a half-dozen Walmart shoppers, just before he accidentally kills himself. Do you still think your penis is too short to take care of yourself now? If you answered yes, you might want to try growing a pair of balls instead of toting around a firearm.